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Ms. Sue can i please have your email address I really need your help with my essay

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    No. I don't post my email address.

    Please post your questions here.

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    its not a question its more like a four page essay. Can you tell me if i'm using a website how should i reference it? should i write the name of the website or the topic?

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    Which format are you using -- APA or MLA?

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    im using APA and also if i site my sources in my essay do i use parenthesis or quotation marks? And also if i take something from a website word to word do i use quotation around it? or parenthesis?

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    Use the format in this website.


    Yes, if you copy word for word, you must put it in quotation marks and cite the source.

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    THank you SO much

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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