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predict which three of the following five aqueous solutions should react with solid aluminum metal (the elemental form of aluminum): AgNO3, Na2CO3, CuSO4, CaCl2, Pb(NO3)2

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    The Ag, Cu, and xx salts.
    See the activity series chart here.

    Here is how you do it. A metal in the activity series will displace any ION BELOW it in the activity series. Al is above Ag so it will displace Ag from AgNO3.
    Al + 3AgNO3 ==> Al(NO3)3 + 3Ag

    Also it will displace Cu ion.
    2Al + 3CuSO4 ==> Al2(SO4)3 + 3Cu

    Note that it will NOT displace Ca ion since Ca is ABOVE Al in the activity series.
    Al + Ca ==> No reaction.

    You should be able to pick out the remaining ion Al will displace from the above information.
    Al +

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