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Is there any online COOP exam I can practice to pass that COOP exam I'm taking (I'm applying to catholic high school. It's a private school).

This what it will be on the exam:
Test 1 Sequences
This test measures the student’s ability to comprehend a rule or principle implicit in a pattern or
sequence of figures, letters, or numbers. The student must analyze the pattern established in a
row of figures, letters, or numbers, and then select the answer choice that would continue or
complete the pattern. Items involve recognition of spatial relationships, ordered patterns,
progressions, and combinations of parts to form a whole.

Test 2 Analogies
This test measures the student’s ability to discern various types of relationships among picture
pairs and then to infer parallel relationships between incomplete picture pairs. The pictures
comprise scenes, people, animals, objects, or abstract graphic symbols. In each item, the student
must recognize the nature of the relationship between two pictures and then, given a third
picture, find an answer choice to accompany it that will produce a relationship that is parallel to
that of the first two pictures.

Test 3 Quantitative Reasoning
This test measures aptitude for thinking with numbers. Quantitative reasoning item formats
were developed to be dissimilar to most mathematics achievement test formats and therefore
require the student to apply quantitative aptitude rather than learned skills.

Test 4 Verbal Reasoning—Words
This test measures the student’s ability to solve verbal problems by reasoning deductively,
analyzing category attributes, and discerning relationships and patterns. This measure of verbal
ability contains several item formats. Some of the items require the student to identify essential
elements of objects or concepts, and other items require the student to classify according to
common attributes. Another item type requires the student to infer relationships between
separate but related sets of words.

Test 5 Verbal Reasoning—Context
This test measures the student’s ability to solve verbal problems by reasoning deductively. These
verbal problems require the student to identify essential elements of concepts presented in short
passages and draw logical conclusions. This measure of verbal ability contains one item format.

Test 6 Reading and Language Arts
This test measures understanding of reading comprehension, language expression, and
vocabulary. Reading comprehension items focus on the central meaning of a passage rather than
on surface details. Language items assess the student’s ability to understand the structure of
words, how words work together to form sentences, how sentences and paragraphs come together
to convey ideas, and how language conventions (such as punctuation and capitalization) combine
with these structures to clarify and impart meaning. The test also covers aspects of the writing
process such as topic selection, editing, and proofreading.

Test 7 Mathematics
This test measures understanding of mathematics concepts. Specific skills include number relations, computation, estimation, operation concepts, measurement, geometry and spatial sense,
data analysis, probability, patterns, functions, and reasoning.

Any online test (that I can print AND have answer sheets so I can grade myself) that have any other the followings above. On the COOP Exam there will be SEVEN testes (see above).

Please reply this post. THIS IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ME!


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