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Suppose you walk accross a room of length 9 metres with the velocity of one and a half Km per hour. Express this velocity in m/s and find the time you will take to.move accross the room

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    1.5 km/h is pretty slow walking.

    It is 1500 m in 3600 s, which is 0.417 m/s.

    Time = Distance/Speed

    Divide 9 meters by 0.417 m/s for your answer, in seconds.

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    Velocity = 3/2 km/h
    Concert into m/s = 3/2×5/18= 5/12

    Distance travelled = 9m

    Time = Distance / Velocity
    = 9/5/12
    = 9 × 12 / 5 =21.6sec.

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