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Calculate the compositionof the gaseous mixture obtained when 1.25 mol f carbon dioxide is exposed to hot carbon at 800 degree celcius in a 1.25 liter vessel. The equilbrim constant kc at 800 degree celcius is 14 for the reaction
CO2 + C = 2C0

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    Notice the correct spelling of celsius.
    M CO2 = mols/L = 1.25 mol/125L = 1.0M
    ...........CO2 + C ==> 2CO

    Kc = 14 = (CO)^2/(CO2)
    Substitute into Kc expression and solve for x,1-x and 2x
    If you want the composition in mols you can multiply M x L = mols
    Then mols x molar mass = grams if you want the composition in mass.

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