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I have re and re-read all of the Leadership vs. Management paragraphs in my textbook, Even looked at all the figures and graphs a hundred times. I can still cannot see a clear understanding.. I have narrowed it to two possible answers, I think I am stuck because in the steps of management. Leading is one of the 4 functions of managing. And leaders could be manage from their graphs?

Q:Regarding management and leadership, which statement is most accurate?

A: leaders can be good managers, and good Managers can be leaders

B: Leaders aren't managers, and managers aren't leaders.

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    I prefer A. We can not generalize about all leaders and all managers as B does.

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    That is what I've had circled all day with a worry mark, LOL... oh the beauty of multiple choice.
    thanks so much Ms. Sue for the confidence boost.

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    You're welcome, jmd. :-)

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