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Write "Incorrect" if "good" or "well" is used incorrectly. Write "Correct" if "good" or "well" is used correctly.

1). I'll do good in college.
2). Being conscientious will help me succeed good in life.
3). I'll be a good influence on others too.
4). I have already been able to set goals good.
5). That's why I predict I'll preform well in college and beyond.

My answers:
1). Correct
2). Incorrect
3). Incorrect
4). Correct
5). Incorrect

  • Grammar -

    1. Incorrect
    Unless you are someone like Robin Hood, who does good deeds. If you mean you will succeed in your studies, that's doing well.

    2. Incorrect
    3. Correct
    4. Incorrect
    5. Correct (except, it's "perform" not "preform")

    "well" is an adverb, so it modifies verbs
    "good" is an adjective, so it modifies nouns

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