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Consider two cells, the first with Al and Ag electrodes, and the second with Zn and Ni electrodes, each in appropriate 1.00 M solutions of their ions. a) If connected as voltaic cells in series, which two metals are plated, and what is the total potential?

a) Ecell for Ag and Ni
b) Ecell for Ag and Zn
c) If 3.30 g of metal is plated in the voltaic cell, how much metal is plated in the electrolytic cell?

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    I will get you started on a and b.
    Ni ==> Ni^2+ Eo = ? as an oxiation
    Ag^+ +e ==> Ag Eo = ? as a reduction
    Ni + 2Ag^+ ==> Ni^2+ + 2Ag
    Ecell = sum E(oxdn) + E(redn) from above.

    b is done the same way.
    Zn + 2Ag^+ ==> Zn^2+ + 2Ag

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