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so Ms.Sue, can you help me with my last sentence of intro about what three arguments. I am going to talk about in my body paragraphs.

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    What else do you think makes Brave New World an ideal society?

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    science and technology

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    There is total social stability, there is almost no disease, very low crime, high rates of happiness and acceptance of death.

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    OK. That gives you the points for the rest of your essay.

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    How do you reconcile the pleasure of the savage with this utopia?

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    yeah but how doi make this sentence into a better sentence for the endof my into like the three main points I will be discussing. How do I end my intro??
    We r not allowed to us first person.

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    Religion is non-existent and present simultaneously in the form of preconditioning and technology, social classes are used for defining individual purpose and harmony among citizens, and drug use is the backbone for provoking happiness.

    Would that be a good sentence?

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    This is a good sentence to end your introduction and introduce the rest of your paper.

    There is total social stability, there is almost no disease, very low crime, high rates of happiness and acceptance of death.

    To get rid of the "there is" construction -- how about?

    Total stability, almost no disease, little crime, and acceptance of death produce high rates of happiness.

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    Now group your main ideas into three main points.

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