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Ms wanton recycles colored pencils in a box for use in her art class. She has accumulated 4 red 5 blue 3 yellow and 3 green colored pencils. If one of her students reaches into the box and selects one pencil without looking what is the probabiltiy that the student will not get a blue one?

Mrs.Warren wants to buy a class set of rulers and grid paper for her students. She knows that rulers come in packages of 12 and grid comes in packages of 9. What is the fewest number of packages of rulers and grid paper Mrs.Warren should buy in order to have equal numbers of each?
A.6 packages of ruler
8 packages of grid
B.3 packages of rulers
4 packages of grid
C.4 packages of ruler
3 packages of grid
D.8 packages of ruler
6 packages of grid

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    4+5+3+3 = 15
    blue = 5/15 or 1/3
    1 - blue = 2/3 so C yes

    12 = 2*2*3
    9 = 3 *3

    2*2*3* (3) = 36
    3*3* (2*2)= 36

    so 3 of rulers and 4 of paper
    so B

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    Thank you

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