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a man sell two articles at the same price on one he earn 25% profit and on other he incures 25% loss overall he gets?

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    selling price of each --- x
    cost price of first = x/1.25
    cost price of 2nd = x/9

    total cost price = x/1.25 + x/.9
    = 4x/5 + 10x/9 = 86x/45

    profit / loss = selling price/cost price
    = 2x / (86x/45)
    = 2(45/86) = 1.0465...

    so he made a profit of 4.65%

    e.g. suppose he sold both at $100
    then he bought the first at 100/1.25 or $80
    and he bought the 2nd at 100/.9 = 111.11
    So his total cost price was 191.11
    and he sold at 200
    200/191.11 = 1.0465

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