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U.S/history AP

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-----------the act of bringing land into U.S.through agreemrnt of a majority of congress.Texas and hawai joined the this manner.

my answer:texas annexation-1845

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    What is your question?

  • U.S/history AP -

    to fill the dots at the begining

  • U.S/history AP -

    OK. Then you're looking for an act that enabled the U.S. to bring territories in as states.

    It may be the Statehood Act. Check your book.

  • U.S/history AP -

    Which "act of Mexico herself," referred to by President Polk in this passage, was the cause of
    war between the United States and Mexico?
    (1 point)
    Mexico’s refusal to discuss the U.S. offer to buy California and New Mexico
    Mexico’s massacre of the Alamo defenders
    Mexican soldiers’ attack on General Zachary Taylor’s forces in a disputed border area
    Mexico’s refusal to honor the U.S. annexation of Texas

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