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According to Robert Nozick, the state is justified to tax a citizen (even against his or her will) if:

a) the revenues support things like healthcare and education, which improve the life-prospects of all citizens.
b) all citizens are required to pay the same percentage of their income.
c) the majority enacts the taxation.
d) doing so leads to the greatest happiness of society as a whole.
e) the taxes are used to support nothing more than a minimal state.

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    Your repetitive, answer-mooching posts have been removed. Apparently, you learned nothing yesterday.

    ~~>No one will do your work for you, but someone here will be happy to check what YOU THINK the answers are.

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    Do not answer these questions. They are for exams which this guy is trying to get answers out of.

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    shame on you idiot, these are the questions from the online Harvard University Course "justice"
    some people will never learn.

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