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1. This is the desk. That belongs to Bill.
= This is the desk that belongs to Bill.

2. This is the window. Bill broke it yesterday.
= This is the window that Bill broke yesterday.

3. This is the book. Its cover is red.
= This is the book whose cover is red.

4. This is the book. The cover of it is red.
= This is the book the cover of which is red.
= This is the book of which the cover is red.

(Are they all grammatical? Are there any wrong expressions?)

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    4, for the first one seems iffy. You might wanna use a comma after book.

    =This is the book, the cover of which is red.

    If you get so desperate just type your sentences in to microsoft word and spell check

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    The first three sentences are correct.

    For number 4, it would be better to say

    This is the red book.


    This is the book with the red cover.

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