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One more question:

Beginning with the function f(x) = (0.8)^(x), state what transformations were used on this to obtain the functions given below.

a) g(x) = - (0.8)^(x) - 2

b) h(x) = (1/2) (0.8)^(x-2)

c) k(x) = (0.8)^(-3x+9)

These are the answers I have, (may be incorrect)

a) reflect across the horizontal axis
moved down by 2 units

b) moved right by 2 units
vertically compressed by (1/2)

c) reflect across the vertical axis
moved left by 9 units
horizontal compression by 3


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    in c) I object to your horizontal movement

    k(x) = (.8)^(-3x+9)
    = (.8)^( -3(x-3) )

    so moved to the right by 3 units

  • math -

    Thanks, glad I can correct that!

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