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Why did the US intervene in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War, and support Diem's regime for econommic reasons?
Not only for America's own good but for what else?

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    I was in high school then, and we were always told that the US troops were there to keep Communists from taking over. I'm sure now that was just an "umbrella reason" given and that there were really multiple reasons. Most wars are fought over power and money, no matter what other reasons (excuses?) are given.

    Be sure to read many of the items in those search results so you get the full idea, not just one or two excuses.

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    Firestone owned very large rubber plantations there, and they were being threatened. Harvey Firestone lobbied President Kennedy to get involved, as rubber was in the "national interest". So it started.

    Wars always have economic reasons behind the facade of nationalism, religion, and power.

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