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7th grade math

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There are 150 students in 7th grade. After signing up for electives for next year, the counselor posted the following data:

Art - 65 students
Band - 70 students
Theatre - 50 students

Not all students signed up for an elective.
Display this data using Venn Diagrams.

I do not think there is enough information to do anything but draw three intersecting circles.
Am I missing something?

  • To Reiny -

    I don't believe the teacher's solution:
    30 take just art
    30 take just theater
    45 take just band
    15 take all three
    15 take none
    5 take art and band
    5 take art and theater
    5 take band and theater
    What do you think?

  • 7th grade math -

    Her room is currently 7feet wide by 9 feet long the blueprint will have a scale of 2inches and 3 feet and will show her new room with a length of 8 inches and will be similar to her old room katlen has selected here new carpet witch is 27.50 for 18 square feet

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