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1. Ann Hamilton's "Indigo Blue" is an example of what kind of art?
Feminist Art
Action Painting
x Installation Art
Video Art
2 The events in contemporary Iran give this artist context for films and videos by this artist:
Wemda Gu
x Shirin Neshat
Zaha Hadid
El Anatsui

3. . Donald Judd produced a kind of pure, matter-of-fact art, simplicity, using a single three dimensional form, the open box, and various arrangement of this form, called:
Abstract Expressionism
x Post-Minimalism
Public Art

4. Diane Arbus created works that rejected elegance in her art. What form did her art take?
oil painting
x photography

5. German Performance artist Joseph Beuys? art was not only ritualistic but also ___________.
x political

6. Jean-Michel Basquiat is associated with what Post-modern movement?
x Neo-Expressionism
Action Painting
Feminist Art
7. Some of the first art to be called ____________, questioned the Modernist notion of originality.
x Post-modernism
Op Art
8 The dominant mode of mid-1960's sculptural abstraction in New York was called:
x Minimalism

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