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1.With late 20th c. sculpture a new attitude developed around the use of 'ordinary' materials. Some said that this was merely "Dadaist revival." The work may involve moving parts (kinetic sculpture), or 'combines' of seeming unrelated objects, or popular icons. This movement (more descriptive of the process) was called

crazy craft

2. Initiated by an awareness America's Consumer Culture, this art form celebrated both "low" or popular culture and mass media. Andy Warhol was the most visible of these artists who, derived the name of this movement from the idea of "transforming the ordinary into the beautiful."

Op Art
Post-Painterly Abstraction
Pop Art

  1. Writeacher

    What do YOU THINK the answer for each is?

  2. kristina

    i think one is assemblage and 2 is pop art

  3. kim

    1) assemblage
    2)op art

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