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I posted this problem earlier, but I still can't figure it out. It is for extra credit. I was hoping if someone could please solve it. I would greatly appreciate it.
A bourbon that is 51 proof is 25.5% alcohol by vol. while one that is 82 proof is 41% alcohol by vol. How many liters of 52 proof bourbon must be mixed with 1.0L of 82 proof bourbon to produce a 66 proof bourbon? Give answer to 3 decimal places.
Thanks in advance for all the help!

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    Let the volume of 52 proof to be added be x L

    so .26x + .41(1) = .33(1+x)
    26x + 41 = 33(1+x)
    26x + 41 = 33 + 33x
    8 = 7x
    x = 8/7 = 1.143 L

    check my arithmetic

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