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A survey of cat owners showed that 3 our of 16 owners got their cats from animal shelters. Of thee 80 cat owners surveyed, how many did NOT get there cats from shelter?

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    (13/16) * 80 = 1040/16 = 65

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    how do u 13?????????????????

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    16/16 - 3/16 = 13/16

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    3 owner of 16 get their cats from animal shelter.
    then how many owner didn't get cats from animal shelter.
    16-3 = 13

  • math -

    The ratio of fruit juice to sparkling water in a punch recipe is 1 to 3. For a party, a caterer needs to
    make 120 ounces of punch. How many ounces of fruit juice will be needed?

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    Cross multiply and solve for x.

    1/4 = x/120

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    I got 30. Well i got to go to bed bye! and thanks for your help!

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