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A ________ biome is a cold, dry area where the sun barely rises during the winter.

a. coniferous forest
b. temperate deciduous forest
c. grassland
d. tundra

this is a 7th grade question and can a science teacher help me out on this please so i can study for a make up test tomorrow

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'm sure that's in your book.

    However, you could find it in these sites.

  2. lola

    ok ill go look and do you know if there are any science teachers on here ms. sue

    TO: MS. SUE

  3. Ms. Sue

    I'm probably the only one on now who handles middle school science and math.

  4. lola

    ok i need to talk to you about something that i really need a lot of help with would be alright i can ask you the question that i need help with

  5. Ms. Sue

    Yes. Click Post a New Question and ask.

  6. lola


  7. grace


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