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A bag holds 2 yellow, 1 green, and 2 red marbles. If you were to draw a marble from the bag 150 times, and replace it after each draw, how many yellow marbles would you expect to draw? (1 point)

I say it's B or A

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    Nvm i worked it out it's B

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    Hmmm. I agree with that answer is best, but to get 60 marbles in 150 draws would very seldom happen. In fact, it happens with a frequency of only .0664. Getting exactly 59 or 61 is almost the same...0.0653 and .0569 frequency.

    Your probablity of success (getting yellow) is .4 in the above question.

    If your rich bud wanted to bet you a wager on getting exactly 60 yellow out of 150 tries, take him on, and make $$.

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