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Check my answers, please? I put an asterisk next to which ever ones are my answer. Thanks!

Why do you think the Inuit have retained aspects of their early culture?

*A.because they are used to that lifestyle

B.because such adaptations allow them to survive in their environment

C.because they lack the desire for modern technology

Which of the following is an example of a culture area? and your neighborhood

* and a group of people living in Africa and students your age living in the jungle

What does "cultural ecology" mean?

*A.a group of people relating to and living off their environment

B.the study of human culture

C.the establishment of governments in society

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    I disagree with your first two answers. The third one is correct.

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    Should it be B and A? I was kind of unsure of 1 because A seemed too obvious.

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    B is the answer for the first one.

    I favor C for the second answer. You might have several different cultures within a neighborhood. But the emphasis upon location and similar cultures within it lead me to C.

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    Ok thanks for the help :) the answer for the 2 was A, but I do see what you were saying about C. Since everyone is the same age that would allow more cultural similarities, but I guess us being in a jungle would be more about being stranded than actually living in a jungle. I figured 2 wasn't A for the same reason you did.

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