7th Grade Language Arts URRGEENT!!!!

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What was the first South American nation to receive independence? (1 point)


ok this question IDK... however I think it's Chile OR Argentina though to be honest idk I've read the book 17 times (i counted) I looked it up in google (it didn't help at all) so am i correct on thinking it was Argentina or Chile????

  • 7th Grade Language Arts URRGEENT!!!! -

    i will wait till tomorrow for an answer ok?

  • 7th Grade Language Arts URRGEENT!!!! -

    Argentina (1816), then Chile (1818)


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    Argentina - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentina

    Chile - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chile

    As with all Wikipedia search results, be sure to check out all the external links and further references at the bottom of each Wikipedia page.

  • 7th Grade Language Arts URRGEENT!!!! -

    Ok so the answer would be Argentina right?

  • 7th Grade Language Arts URRGEENT!!!! -

    I'm sorry I snapped at you. This time I checked it out and found that Writeacher was wrong. That happens rarely.

    Anyway, Paraguay got its independence in 1811, five years before Argentina. So Paraguay was the first independent nation of those four.


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