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10.After the conductor (auditioned supplemented) all the candidates for the position of first violinist he made his final choice

11.Everything that I have learned about Abraham Lincoln from history books (stupefies affirms) my reverence for this great president

12.I agree fully with what the previous speaker has said but I should like to (cope supplement) his ideas with a few remarks of my own

13.Who (prowled empowered) you to speak for everyone in the class

14.Although Josh has been living in this country for only a few years I would love to be half as (fluent sulky) in Spanish as he is in English

15.The plat went along smoothly until it came to Mark Antony's funeral oration which Fred (empowered mangled) beyond all recognition

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    You're on a roll! All are correct.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue!

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    You're welcome, Jerald.

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