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Determine the value of the equilibrium constant,Kgoal , for the reaction
N2(g)+O2(g)+H2(g)<=> (1/2)N2H4(g) + NO2(g)


by making use of the following information:
1.N2(g)+O2(g)<=>2NO(g), K1=4.1010x10^-31
2.N2(g)+2H2(g)<=>N2H4(g), K2=7.40x10^-26
3.2NO(g)+O2(g)<=>2NO2(g), K3=6.00x10^-13

express your answer numerically:

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    Take 1/2 equation 1, add to 1/2 equation 3, add to equation 2 to get the equation you want. K for that reaction is
    (sqrt k1) x (sqrt k3) x k2

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