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Nicotine is a small molecule produced by the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum. Nicotine is produced by the plant to discourage herbivores. In low doses, such as those experienced by tobacco users, it is a stimulant that leads to mild euphoria. In high doses, it acts as a potent neurotoxin. In these high doses, it has been used as an insecticide.

a) The nicotine molecule is capable of making strong hydrogen bonds. Change nicotine into a different molecule, one that can no longer make any hydrogen bonds.

b) The nicotine molecule cannot make ionic bonds. Change nicotine into a different molecule, one that can now can make ionic bonds.

c) The nicotine molecule is slightly hydrophobic. Change nicotine into a different molecule, one that is more hydrophilic.

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    a- remove all nitrogen

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    I see you're trying to get through Lander's exam also

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    Anyone for part B?

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    C- add OH to the nitrogen with the line sticking out

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    part c help

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    ooops:o part b

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    Part C. Help!!!

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    c answer is there (4th dot)

    B help!!!

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    b anyone, stuck :p

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    B please im stuck

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    in need of part b like frustration

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    B! i need B, my brain sucks and won't answer B

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    come on plz

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    come on man anyone please i need this to pass this test

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    B - Make both Nitrogens charged (+) so they'll be +HN and NH+

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