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Public speaking

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In a world of ____________, communication skills help us to interact with people whose backgrounds are different from our own.
A. careers
B. changes
C. technology
D. personal relationships

A is the only option tat makes sense to me but i'm not sure if its right

2. Essential elements of a communication model include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. sender and message.
B. receiver and channel.
C. feedback.
D. caller, answerer, and sales pitch.

is it D

  • Public speaking -

    2 is correct.

    1 is wrong.

  • Public speaking -

    answer to question 1: i think its C

  • Public speaking -

    I think it's C also -- but I'm not positive.

  • Public speaking -

    Number 1 is B) changes.

    "In a world of diversity,..." is what it states in my college lesson and changes is part of diversity.

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