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if in a spinner of 1-8
if the probability of even numbers is 4/8 and probability of multiple of 3 is 2/8. isn't the answer 6/8/

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    multiple of 3 are 3,6
    so the probability is 2/8

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    i know but the question is to find the probability of even number from 1-8 which is 4/8 and multiples of 3 from 1-8 which is 2/8. so if you add them isn't the answer 6/8

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    Don't blame saiko, you didn't even ask the correct question originally

    so you want the prob( the number is even And multiples of 3)

    the evens are 2 4 6 8
    multiples of 3 are 3 6
    so the only number which is even and is a multiple of 3 is the number 6
    so the prob(of your event) = 1/8

    if your sentence would contain the word OR, then there would be 5 numbers, and the
    prob = 5/8

    What is the actual question?

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    The real answer is 69

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