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A man has a rectangular garden. One length of the garden lies along a patio wall. However the rest of the garden is enclosed by 32 feet of fencing. If the length of the garden is twice its width, what is the area of the garden.

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    the garden is 8x16 so the area is 128ft^2

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    If you don't know what your School Subject is, who does? I suspect it's math.

    P = 2L + 2W

    32 = L + 2(0.5L)

    32 = 2L

    16 = L

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    Its not a school subject. its college

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    And Ms.sue. Your wrong. Cause if the length is 16 then the width is 8 and that will equal 24. Nice try

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    Ms Sue is right. 16+8+8=32
    There are two widths

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    I'm so sorry, Lee, that you don't realize that college is a school. At least most colleges are schools for educating students. What is the name of your college?

    A fence needs to go around the entire garden. It has two lengths and two widths, right? One length lies along the wall. That means that two widths and one length are enclosed by the fence.

    16 + 8 + 8 = 32

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