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use the rational zero theorem to find all the real zeros of the polynomial function. use the zeros to factor f over the real numbers:

I cant even find sample problems to help me figure this out. help me please?

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    Try roots of the form x = +/- p/q, where p is an integer factor of 14 (1,2,7,14) and q is a factor of 4 (1,2,4)

    You will have to chooose a negative value of x to get a negative or zero value of f(x). Try x = -2/1 = -2
    f(x) = 64 - 72 + 120 -126 + 14 = 0
    So x = 2 is a solution . You can get another real root by dividing
    and solving the remaining cubic.
    The third and fourth roots are complex conjugates.

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