7th grade math

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company A makes boxes of crackers that contains a mean of 30 crackers with a standard deviation of 2 crackers. company B makes boxes of crackers that contains a mean of 24 crackers with a standard deviation of 2 crackers. what can be said about the boxes of crackers from each company???

A) company's A boxes of crackers are filled using a method that is just as accurate as the method by which company B's boxes are filled.

B) There will always be more crackers in a box of Company's A crackers than in a box of company B's crackers.

c) on average, company A's boxes and company B's boxes contain the same number of crackers.

D) A box of crackers from company A is a better value than a box of crackers from company B.

  1. Anonymous

    three people share 40 crackers evenly . how many crackers does each person get ? I weth to no the answer

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