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ln x^4 + ln X = 24 ln e. Find the value of x.

ln x^5=24
x^5=e^ i don't know how to solve it.
someone plz show me the calculation steps.

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    ln x^4 + ln x = 24 lne
    ln (x^5) = 24
    5 ln x = 24
    ln x = 24/5 = 4.8
    x = e^4.8 by definition
    x = appr 121.51

    yours is not wrong, but you have huge numbers
    x^5 = e^24
    so x is the fifth root of e^24
    or (e^24)^(1/5) = e^4.8
    evaluate e^4.8 to get appr 121.51

    (really it is the same thing I did )

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