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Wesley and Delia are playing a math game. Wesley gives Delia these step to follow.

Step 1: Multiply a number by 6 and then subtract by 4.
Step 2: Divide the result by 2
Step 3: Add 3 to the result from the second step.

If Delia's final answer is 19, What was the original number?


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    suppose you pick x
    1: 6x - 4

    2: (6x-4)/2 = 3x-2

    then 3x-2 = 19
    3x = 21
    x = 7

    Delia picked 7

    or you can just do everything with inverse operations on reverse order

    last thing she did was divide by 2
    so first thing we do is multiply by 2
    19x2 = 38
    the middle thing she did was subtract 4, so we will add 4
    38+4 =42
    the first thing she did was to multiply be 6, so the last thing we will do is divide by 6
    42รท6 = 7
    How about that ???

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    i guess it will help.. thank you :)

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