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Nora rides a bicycle for 5 min on a curvy road at a constant speeed of 10 m/s . Describe noras ride in terms of position, velocity, and acceleration, compare the distance she rides and her displacement.

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    I will be happy to critique your thinkng.

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    Ok, her position changed over time since the road is curved.

    The velocity changed since the direction is changing

    AccelerTion: theres a change in velocity since the direction changes

    Direction: changed over time
    Displacement : difference between 1st and final position

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    Distance 10 m/s and displacement : 9 m/s

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    Actualy the distance is speed x time

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    That is ok, except for distance and displacement. distance is 5*60sec*10m/s=3000m. Displacement you have no idea because of the curves.

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