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I need help soving this problem.

Factor the trinomial completely.


I also want to know if I soved this problem correctly?

Factor the trinomial 9s^2+3s-20

my answer is

  • math -

    (3s-4)(3s+5) is correct.
    For the other, factor out the 2x first, leaving
    2x(2x^2 - 5x - 25)

  • statistics -

    after one month of operation the health information services at community health center determined that there were two records misfiled out of the 450 active records. what is the filing accuracy rate for this area?

  • math -

    Information: Juan plans to build a bookcase t store his paperback books, DVDs, and CDs. he has lumber that he will use for the sides and back of the bookcase. Juan plans for his bookcase to have five shelves including, the top and bottom shelves. Each shelf will be 2 1/2 feet long.
    Question: Juan bought a piece of pine limber that is 18 feet long. Does he have enough lumber to make the five shelves? If not, how much more does he need? If so, how much will be left over?
    Juan measured the location of his bookcase and realized that he could only fit a bookcase with shelves that are 1 3/4 feet wide. What is the maximum number of shelves Juan could build for this new bookcase using the lumber he bought?

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