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For each electron in a ground-state Be atom, select the set of quantum numbers that represents it. Check all that apply.

n=1 l=0 ml=-1 ms= +1/2
n=1 l=0 ml=0 ms=-1/2
n=2 l=1 ml=0 ms= -1/2
n=1 l=0 ml=0 ms=+1/2
n=2 l=1 ml=1 ms=+1/2
n=2 1=0 ml=0 ms=+1/2
n=2 l=0 ml=0 ms=-1/2
n=2 l=0 ml=0 ms=-1

I know the top one and the last one aren't correct but I don't know about the others. The hint said,"Make sure you have chosen exactly four answers" why will it have 4?

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    There are four electrons, right? So there must be four answers.
    #1 electron:
    n = 1
    l = 0
    ml = 0
    ms = +1/2

    #2 electron:
    n = 1
    l = 0
    ml = 0
    ms = -1/2
    That's two of them.

    #3 electron:
    n = 1
    l = 0 or 1
    ml = etc
    All you really need to do is to fill in the blanks as the electrons are added. I've done the two n= 1 electrons, There are now two n = 2 electrons and another hint: l = 0 fills up first.

    You're right about the top one and last one not being right.

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