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Math- Calculus

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A company needs to produce a cylindrical can to hold water. It must have a volume of 500ml. The side of the can will cost 40$/m^2 to produce and the top and bottom of the can will cost 50$/m^2 to produce. Find the most economical dimensions.

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    Find the compound interest and the compound amount of the following #2ooo at 4/2 % compounded annually for 7yr

  • Math- Calculus -

    since pi r^2 h = 500, h = 500/(pi r^2)

    the cost function is

    c = 40 * 2pi r h + 2*50*pi r^2
    = 80 pi r (500/(pi r^2)) + 100 pi r^2
    = 40000/r + 100 pi r^2

    dc/dr = 200 pi r - 40000/r^2
    = 200 (pi r^3 - 200)/r^2

    dc/dr = 0 when pi r^3 = 200

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