cycles of matter (life science)

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How does the Laws of Conservation of Matter and Energy relate to the Cycles in Nature?

  • cycles of matter (life science) -

    I sincerely hope this is not in your textbook, there is some hope for education if it is not.

    Cycles in nature has to do with how Earth systems renews itself...sort of...but all those cycles require energy input from outside..such as solar energy.

    Law of Matter and Energy concerns itself with transformation of energy to mater, and matter to energy, at the expense of entropy.

    So how do they relate? In purest form, both deal with recycling, and both require input energy, or an increase in disorder (entropy). There is no free lunch in recycling.

    I have no idea what your teacher had in mind, and lord help us if it was in your text.

  • cycles of matter (life science) -

    No It wasn't actually My science teacher gave us a spring break packet and these are just some questions I didn't quite get. Thank you for clearing it up. :)

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