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can you help me with my grammar

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    Please post your questions here.

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    My text is this ------->

    What is the greatest challenge in education today? Well one of the major challenges is the safety of the students. Though schools are supposed to be a safe-learning environment in some cases that statement is not exactly true. For example Sandy Hook Elementary; it started off with a 20-year old man who had a mental illness who shot his mother and then went to the school and shot 20 innocent kids and 6 adults and to top it all off he killed himself. Now schools are being more careful but it all started because of Sandy Hook what if it had started way before, we could have saved those innocent lives. So schools in order to make it safer have allowed police officer with guns to protect the school; now that’s a good idea but like in NY high school a police officer accidentally fired a shot in the schools hallway though no one was hurt; since there were no staff or students nearby, what would have happened if there were; well another innocent life would have been gone. But it is not only adults with mental illnesses or adults for any matter but it is also the students. Students can be a real threat when it comes to bullying, peer pressure from students, drugs, and even weapons, though in many schools there are punishments if you get caught some still get away with it. The ones who do this kind of stuff usually “hit targets” and by that means bully around or peer pressure the ones who seem “weak” those are usually shy, outcasts, or people who they think can’t protect themselves. You also hear about rape, like in Steubenville High school where two famous football players raped an unconscious 16-year old girl, though this wasn’t necessarily in school property the boys who are Trent Mays, and Ma’lik Richmond did upload inappropriate videos on social medias saying stuff about her and calling her explicit names. This is another example of bullying. Now some students think its funny if you call 911 and make a hoax but it isn’t, a 12-year old boy called 911 saying that an intruder had entered the school with a gun and was holding some students as hostages. The school was immediately put in lockdown and the 12-year old is currently arrested. Now the main question is; How can kids and adults cause so much violence in school? How can they be so heartless and not think of the families affected by this?

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    Do you want us to proofread this?

    What is your thesis statement?

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