inequality- why is this wrong?

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(x-3)/(x+1) > 5

i solved and got x < -2

but this is not right once you plug it in. please help.

  • inequality- why is this wrong? -

    it should be x>-3

  • inequality- why is this wrong? -

    Not so. If x=-5/2, y=11/3 < 5

    (x-3)/(x+1) > 5
    if x > -1,
    x-3 > 5(x+1)
    x-3 > 5x+5
    -8 > 4x
    x < -2
    but, we assumed x > -1, so that's a no-go

    If x < -1,
    x-3 < 5(x+1)
    x-3 < 5x+5
    -8 < 4x
    x > -2
    So, we have -2 < x < -1

  • inequality- why is this wrong? -

    opps sorry made some calculation mistakes....

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