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Ethos and Pathos

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Hi, I need help with a paper I wrote on an analysis of an advertisement. This is the ad i analysed
Could someone please tell me the Ethos and Pathos for this ad ?
My ethos was - The text embellishes character by aiming at stay home dads, who might be divorced, and/or laid, off, who might portray single parent household. The text also establishes character by throwing a male figure in the kitchen taking the traditional female role by packing lunch for their kid. (Professor comments - can you add more details to support your point.)
Pathos - This document evokes emotion to both parents and their children. This is an effective piece in terms of making a desirable product for the child and creating the situation of many modern families in which dads are doing more. (Professor comments - Explain how the details evoke emotions. Show how the emotion is created.) He also said that I could add a lot of details so it be be more than a paragraph. Please can anybody help ? I need at least a paragraph for both Ethos and Pathos. Your help will be appreciated. Thank You so much.

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