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Director of Central London Hatcheries shows a group of young men around their facilities. Babies are grown in bottles (World State Society)Director shows the group the five castes: Alpha, Beta, Deltas, Gammes, Epilsons. The director shows how children are socially conditioned before and after birth, each caste is different but all need to learn when they are unhappy they should use soma (drug) or go have sex.
Depending which caste the baby should be, they treat the embriyo differently.
Director calls over Henry Foster, who tells student record of offspring produced by one ovary.Foster leads the boys to Bottling room. The group meets a nurse named Lenin Crowne. Foster tell Lenina to meet jin on the roof.Students head to nurseries.

Ok so I will have to do this 9 times with different summaries. But I want the perfect example so I can do good on the rest.

So, basically from the summary I gave above, I have to put it in to 4-5 sentences outlining:
1) Important plot points
2) Character Development
3) Setting Changes
4) Development of theme

Each point has to be one sentence.

Please help me with this one example. I have to do 9 more but I just want a example:)

I appreciate your time!!

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