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I am supposed to come up with a bill for an interest group of our choosing. I chose the American Bar Association. The bill i want to propose is " to give lawyers and law students with disabilities an equal chance at being chosen as a lawyer to be able to participate in the legal profession". I don't know how i could justify this proposal, so then people would approve of it.
Help please :) Thanks

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    You should make it clear that for this purpose, disabilities mean physical disabilities or mobility problems. I assume you don't mean mental or emotional disabilities.

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    Yes it is for those physical disabilities or mobility problems. I am just having trouble as to how i am supposed to convince others to support this proposal. If this bill were to be passed then those with disabilities would have a better chance as being chosen as lawyers. The ABA groups mission is to eliminate bias and enhance diversity. I don't know what else i can say to back up my proposal.

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    You could point out that physical abilities have nothing to do with the practice of law. You could point that it's illegal to discriminate on the basis of physical disabilities.

    Check these sites.

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    Thats helpful thank you. I also want to add this as another justification for why the bill should pass: Members with disabilities may not want to self-identify due to concerns about bias, prejudice, and misuse of information. If this bill were to pass, then people with disabilities would be more open about their condition without fearing that they will not be accepted as a professional lawyer. Do you think this could be a good reason as to why people should let this bill pass?

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    ok thank you so much. Would this be enough of a justification? Or should i add more

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    I would hit the legality issue hard. A law firm could not refuse to hire someone on the basis of his/her physical disability.

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    Ok will do. Your help was much appreciated :)

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    You're very welcome.

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