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Can someone check these sentences, please? Thank you.

1) Hi! I’m Mr Radcliffe. Today I would like to tell you about an unpleasant story which happened to me last Friday .
2) It was a beautiful day so I decided to invite our friends, Mr and Mrs Ghandon, to have dinner at our house.
3)I phoned them and they accepted the invitation. My wife and I cooked salmon with a delicious vegetable sauce.
4) At seven o’ clock we dressed up and went into the living room to set the table. At eight o’ clock the Ghandons arrived.
5) At the beginning we drank some wine (an aperitif?) and talked about this and that, but after a while we got very hungry and went into the living room.
6) Much to our surprise we realized that Flatter, our neighbours’ cat, was eating the last piece of salmon! My wife was very sad and started crying. The Ghandons were very upset, too.
7) So I decided to get some fish and chips at a popular shop near my house. When I came back with the fish, my wife thanked me and gave me a big kiss. All’s well what ends well.

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