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Solution x has a pH of 4.35. Solution y has 10- times high [OH-] compared to solution x. Solution z has a pH 4.0 units higher than that of solution x.
calculate the ration of [H3O+] between solutions x&y and between x&z.
What is the pH of solutions y and z?
classify each solution as acidic, basic,or neutral.

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    I don't know what 10-times high [OH-] means.

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    Oh, sorry. I meant to say that solution y has a 10 times higher OH- concentration compared to solution x. I hope it makes sense now. :-)

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    pH x = 4.35; therefore, pOH = 9.65
    y has 10x higher OH; therefore, pOH must be 8.65 which makes pH = 14-8.35 = 5.35
    z is 4.35 + 4.0 = 8.35

    You can change these to H^+ and calculate the ratio and classify as acid, base, neutral.

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    Thanak you so much for your help, DrBob222

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