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Lol, I have a quick question...If you don't mind. Do you hink jiskha will have thier own app one day? It's so tiring, because you need wifi right lol just curious.

  • jiskha -

    I certainly hope not!

    You want to be able to ask questions when you're in class? Or maybe when you're taking a test???


  • jiskha -

    no just I was curious cuz I am always in the bus for 1 hour so I study chem.. and then I always have questions. So, that's why.

  • jiskha -

    sorry have no bad intentions like others.

  • jiskha -

    I use apps all the time, and here are some websites you might find useful to bookmark on your phone ... or get their apps if they have any.




    and, of course, the Jiskha URL.

    I can use all these on my phone if I need them.

  • jiskha -

    ok thx

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