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1. Motor and perceptual consequences of brain damage affect: (Points : 1)
visual-spatial relations; vision and hearing; and bowel and bladder function
memory; attention and concentration; and judgment
speech and language
personality change and affective response

2. Stephanie is unable to maintain her level of physical activity because of limitations associated with multiple sclerosis. Thus, she has been engaging in creative writing activities as a means of self-expression. This is an example of: (Points : 1)
Diversion of feelings

3. Stigma associated with chronic illness and disability: (Points : 1)
no longer exists due to recent social policy changes
exists only in the individual’s mind and is a sign that the individual has problems with adjustment
is a socially imposed mark which is based on stereotype, prejudice, or lack of understanding
has little impact on an individual’s rehabilitation potential

4. Which of the following statements is accurate concerning the impact of chronic illness and disability? (Points : 1)
Not all chronic illnesses or disabilities require some alteration and adjustment in daily life.
People are relatively similar in their tolerance to symptoms, their functional limitations, and their general ability to cope with chronic illness and disability.
Reactions to chronic illness and disability are relatively similar.
The extent of impact of chronic illness or disability is dependent on the nature of the condition and the degree of family and social support.

5. The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a classification system to aid health care systems to define disability. The international classification system sets universal standards for: (Points : 1)
Measuring health and disability
Setting standards for compensation
Defines chronic illnesses
Individualizes physicians definition of chronic illness and disability

6. ____________________ is a procedure used to evaluate the electrical activity of certain muscles and is helpful in the diagnosis of certain muscle diseases. (Points : 1)
Electromyography (EMG)
Magnetic resonance imaging
Deep brain stimulation

7. An example of left-sided brain damage is: (Points : 1)
spatial-perceptual deficits
difficulty processing visual cues
memory impairment
speech and language difficulty

8. ____________________ can be defined as individuals’ perceptions and beliefs about their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as others’ perceptions of them. (Points : 1)
Body image

9. Mr. U. experienced a spinal cord injury at T-6 as the result of an automobile accident when he was 18. Now, at age 45, he is a successful businessman and active in the community. He has recently, however, had increasing difficulty with decubitis ulcers. This complication of spinal cord injury: (Points : 1)
occurs because of the stress and adjustment difficulties; however, it can be alleviated with antacids and relaxation training
develops when pressure on a part of the body interferes with the blood supply to that part, eventually resulting in a breakdown and ulceration of the skin
only occurs in individuals who do not follow good personal hygiene practices
can best be prevented by dieting since it is the result of significant weight gain due to inactivity

10. An important consideration of neurological conditions is that: (Points : 1)
for many neurological conditions, available treatment is plentiful and directed mainly toward curing the disease.
the rate of progression and degree of loss of functional capacity in many neurological conditions are predictable.
often conditions of the nervous system impose permanent loss of function and also involve complex self-concept and body image changes.

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    Please tell us what you think the correct answers are, so we can assist you.

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    diversion of feelings

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