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Find the number of decibels for the power of the sound given. Round to the nearest decibel.
A rocket engine, 2.65 times 10^-5 watts/cm^2

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    That sound level must correspond to a certain distance from the rocket. You don't say what it is. Sound level increases as you get closer.

    Use the definition of decibels.

    dB = 10 * log(I/1.0 x 10^-12 W/m^2)

    I = 2.65*10^-5 W/cm^2 = 2.65*10^-1 W/m^2

    dB = 10*log(0.265/10^-12)
    = 10*11.42
    = 114 dB

    Some rock concerts are louder than that, within the areana.

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    Thank you for help.

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